Our Values

Our values must be clearly marked in our way of dealing with our customers, partners and colleagues. Bring2Mind Consulting AB's corporate culture is based on qualified leadership that is characterized by competence, ambition, perseverence and integrity.

Our business goals and common standards are designed to be useful not only for shareholders, employees and partners, but also for all other players in the value chain. We are convinced that these goals can only be achieved through mutual respect and cooperation.

Our values ​​tell us what we can expect from each other and give our customers an opportunity to understand who they are doing business with.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB is a company with a service spirit, an organization where you share acquired knowledge. We are team and project oriented. Flexibility is important, as is the search for challenge and change. Three qualities that guarantee that we create value by fulfilling our commitments to customers, partners, employees and the communities in which we operate and act in accordance with good business practice.

It is important that our surroundings can trust us. Trust our professionalism and integrity. Therefore, we must be professional in our actions towards customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in our network. We have always earned their trust, and will continue to do so.

Our actions are a result of our values ​​and norms. We feel for what is right and act accordingly. It makes morality and ethics guiding stars in our values ​​and norms. Other important values ​​on which Bring2Mind Consulting AB bases its actions are businesslikeness, simplicity, competence and style. Business acumen means that each employee takes personal responsibility through all phases of a project – from request to work performed. By simplicity, we mean to create uncomplicated and uniform working methods and to create simple solutions for the customer. Competence is about developing ourselves as well as continuous competence transfer so that we can increase the business benefit for the customer. We work with a clear own business style based on reliability and correct behavior.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s code of conduct has been developed to clarify what our values ​​mean in our daily work and to support each individual employee in their professional role and to reflect how we live and learn for our partners.

Code of conduct

The work of producing a code of conduct is connected with the work of identifying and highlighting a number of values ​​that reflect Bring2Mind Consulting AB today and for a long time to come. Bring2Mind Consulting AB has produced a code of conduct that overall summarizes how Bring2Mind Consulting AB relates to e.g. business ethics, customer, partner and employee relations and the environment. The code should be part of strengthening confidence in the market.

We want to show our stakeholders that we intend to live up to the right quality with high availability over a long period of time. The code of conduct clarifies where we stand on various issues and how we relate to each other and the world around us. It also shows that each of us takes responsibility for our actions.

A company’s confidence in the market is affected by the employees’ daily actions. It is a great responsibility for every employee to act correctly in all the situations that arise at work. The code of conduct must support employees in their professional role and is a way of uniting everyone in a common approach.

During the summer and autumn of 2007, as we opened our doors, discussions were held about the company’s common values, and what will be required to be long-term successful. The work has resulted in a number of values ​​such as:

1. accompanies us in our behavior
2. represents the reputation we want and become known for
3. shall reflect the company’s values ​​in the work towards achieving Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s business goals

The code of conduct and values ​​must be a support in the journey that Bring2Mind Consulting AB makes. The journey from starting a new company, building a competence network of many smaller companies with different cultures to a joint company with a culture and a face towards the market to later see the company grow in step with set business goals.

Most important principle

We adhere to the principle: to always be honest and sincere with everyone, regardless of whether it concerns staff, customers, suppliers, competitors and shareholders. In other words: what you do not want to be exposed to yourself, you should not expose others to. Time and time again it is proven that reliability and good ethical principles lead to good business results. We are aware of the importance of a good balance between work and leisure. Together we work hard and we also play tough sometimes. We want to create an environment where everyone works together, because team spirit leads to better results than individual achievements. Therefore, our goal is to build an organizational structure based on smaller units that collaborate. In this way, a family atmosphere can be created, in a company where management, team members, customers and partners work closely together. We want employees, customers and our partners to be proud to work for / with us.

Our employees, our company and our customers

This triangular relationship between our employees, our company and our customers forms the basis of our corporate philosophy. Our mission is based on the principle that if we ensure that our customers are successful, then our company and its employees are also successful.

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Professionalism and quality are obvious as basic prerequisites for all operations within Bring2Mind Consulting AB. We constantly value professionalism and quality, regardless of whether it is about service production, consulting or collaboration. These basic conditions permeate all our operations and communication – both internally and externally.

We always listen carefully to our customers’ needs and wishes in order to form a deeper understanding of what they are trying to achieve. We promise only what we can stand for and can deliver, and we always deliver with the right quality at the right time at the right cost and after set commitments.

Professionalism and quality mean that in our professional practice we take responsibility, are service-oriented, act ethically and are flexible. A clear organization, with a clear division of responsibilities, functioning routines, systems and functions, is necessary. In addition, expertise is important and the level of competence must be high. How the company is perceived by its customers and stakeholders is an important part for us to be perceived as a company with high insight and quality. Professionalism means, among other things, striving for harmony and consensus within the company and with our customers and partners.

Self-awareness is very important, as are follow-ups and evaluations – analysis provides quality.
– Professionalism and quality is that the work is conducted on the basis of good knowledge and with great commitment.
– Quality is that, as a consultant and advisor, strive to give their clients an in-depth perspective.
– Professionalism is that in your professional role you are objective and meet customers and others with respect and kindness and that you are knowledgeable in your field.

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We are not content to only sell and deliver services, products and solutions. We are maximally involved in our business relationships and our goal is to become one of our customers’ first choices in the areas in which the company operates.

At Bring2Mind Consulting AB, there is job satisfaction, participation and good contact between employees, customers and partners.

We have great freedom in the work, we show each other care and support, the availability is good and there is a strong will to recruit and develop. To be committed means to see your colleagues and feel care for customers, employees and partners, to be open and try to do the little extra. A good attitude is important – a positive thinking is always fundamental.

– Committed employees provide satisfied customers and partners who in turn become good ambassadors for Bring2Mind Consulting AB.
– Commitment has a deeper value, as part of the human view and knowledge view.
– Commitment means everything in the end!

In order for us to be able to live up to the core value of commitment and entrepreneurship, good internal coordination, developed communication and increased participation are required, as well as a controlled distribution of resources in the organization. Increased understanding and collaboration between the company, its customers and partners – own initiatives are important, but running your own races can lead to problems, which is why a clear and distinct division of responsibilities of your own responsibility is extremely important.

Our commitment is a deeply rooted value, which is expressed in both industry experience and a sense of the customer’s business. Commitment is one of our main driving forces. It must be clear in everything we do.

Since its inception, Bring2Mind Consulting AB’s operations have developed from a culture of entrepreneurship. Therefore, entrepreneurship is important to us, from the individual consultant’s daily commitment to how the board values ​​and decides on strategic issues.

Entrepreneurship is expressed in a decentralized organization with a balanced delegation of powers and responsibilities, small-scale and confidence that the tasks are handled best in close agreement with our customers.

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It’s about participation and commitment, about curiosity and the will to understand. We take the time to listen and we think it’s fun to work together towards common success. If our customers are successful, so are we.

A range of assignments with possible telework means that our employees and partners can choose to stay at home. Bring2Mind Consulting AB is a company that is available to the whole country and to the whole world, thanks to modern communication technology. We also have a local presence where our largest customers are located – Bring2Mind Consulting AB is within easy reach. There is cooperation, collaboration and belonging – between employees, customers and partners as well as other stakeholders. Being available means being reachable, around the clock 24-7.

We know that proximity is important in all contexts and towards all stakeholders. An open and professional atmosphere is the basis for the corporate culture we cherish.

We work to create a tradition of cooperation between us and our customers, between our company and partners and between our employees. We have an idea that knowledge grows the more people who can take part in it and our way of working is based on many and close contacts internally, with our partners and our customers. By working together in different projects, we can offer all our expertise to all our customers.

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We have honest intent in everything we do. We take a stand and we take the consequences of our actions. We never promise something we can not stand and stand for. When we see that we can not enter into an agreement to carry out an assignment to the customer’s satisfaction, we are very grateful for the request and shown confidence, and are happy to explain why we can not accept the assignment.

In our opinion, an open and honest dialogue is the basis for long-term relationships with our customers and partners as well as other stakeholders.

Confidential information received at work must not be misused. For example, information about one supplier’s terms may never be given to another supplier. Confidential information may also not be used for personal gain.

Our business conduct must be professional and we must never disclose trade secrets to unauthorized persons. We must in all situations act honestly, fairly and with transparency.

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We show respect – compassion, empathy and humility in treating each other in front of our colleagues as well as our customers and partners. We show understanding for each other’s tasks and areas of responsibility and we must always listen in order to try to understand ourselves in order to be understood as this is the very foundation of the humility itself.

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We are direct and easy to understand in our communication. We believe in simplicity and focus on what is important. We must be simple, easy-going and flexible in our approach to enable frictionless cooperation with our colleagues, our customers and partners, to create strong and long-lasting relationships based on tolerance and partnership.

Security is one of our most important values that we want to convey. Since the company was formed, we have been a responsible and reliable business and system partner, who must always be close to our customers, always be available and actively contribute to good business. The fact that we, in our role as business and system partners, have the ability to deliver with the right quality over a long period of time guarantees security, continuity and continued trust.

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We are passionate, dedicated, confident and future-oriented. We always want more! It is our commitment that sets us apart. We want to work with the most challenging assignments, because we then develop as a consulting company and can help our customers better. We always push the boundaries and take tight curves if needed. We make a difference and make things happen – It is the value and benefit that our performance creates, with customers as well as for ourselves. By combining our knowledge with the experiences we have gained, we can increase our efficiency and create value for all relevant stakeholders.

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We provide real and measurable change by delivering results instead of hours. We have therefore packaged our knowledge and our experiences in service products where we as far as possible define what result we are to achieve and how we are to achieve the result. Our range of qualified service products is comprised of a wide range of standardized service products and customized service products as well as web-related service products. We think it is business-like!

We would also like to mention four words of praise that guide us in all decision-making in our business relationships. Each concept requires a number of activities and approaches that we always strive to follow to meet the requirements of business acumen from our customers.

Promote competition

Our business is based on collaborations and partnerships that are about teamwork. We have great respect for our competitors. We do not win on someone else’s failure, but because we put in a little more effort.

We would like to see more suppliers engaged by our customers. We always show loyalty to our customers and always act on the basis of our customers’ interests. We have good knowledge of the market in the areas we have chosen to operate in.


We never take irrelevant considerations into account in our work. We are objective, show clarity and accuracy in our behavior. Honesty and high morale characterize our behavior. We are totally indomitable and never apply “free trial”.

Utilize skills

We utilize expertise and reuse information and knowledge that will always benefit our customers in our work (eg when preparing requirements specifications, project plans, quality plans, configuration management plans and other service products). We always strive to maintain and develop good knowledge of current laws, regulations and applicable standards. We try where possible to collaborate with partners when volume benefits can be achieved.

Deliver the right quality

We prepare service products based on our customers’ needs that are often determined in collaboration with our customers (eg clear and good requirements specifications, project plans, quality plans, configuration management plans, tender documents and other service products).

We never deviate from established requirements set in requirements specifications and tender documents in connection with e.g. evaluation of tenders. We distinguish between the terms “high quality” and “right quality” in order to, if not eliminate, at least minimize the risk of increased costs.

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Is the basis for long and strong customer relationships. We are open in our way of thinking and acting, and thereby we build open and long-lasting relationships. Our stakeholders can trust that we are doing the right things. We are always here, no matter what happens.

We always focus on delivering the right quality at the right time at the right cost against set commitments. We also notify our customers in good time of how we minimize, and as far as possible eliminate, any time delays in deliveries. It is also the basis for professionalism and finally the relationships between our customers, partners and employees.

By living up to our promises and maintaining a high quality in everything we do, we deserve credibility. We are also happy to share our knowledge.

(Content under review)

We will continue to be responsible, open and humble to the countries, nationalities, cultures, communities and environments in which we operate, in order to learn and share our knowledge to ensure that skills transfer is two-way. This creates the conditions for being able to achieve our desirable win-win-win situation that enables long-term relationships at all levels.

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Our future will always bring about changes where new thinking that involves taking in the world around us – releasing new ideas, being innovative, creative and brave, becomes increasingly pronounced conditions for success. By studying the world around us and continuously training our staff, we continue to be an attractive business and systems partner. Sharing new knowledge with us is a matter of course for us and an equally good investment for us as for our customers.

We shall have very high competence in the business areas the company has chosen to operate in and within our business areas we shall always strive to be at the forefront of development.

Major parts of our competence is a direct personal spearhead competence. For natural reasons, we must have the ability to deliver cutting-edge expertise in order to be able to offer our customers business-related, secure and reliable services, products, systems and solutions.

– Bring2Mind Consulting AB shall work to create an environment that allows new thinking.
– Being innovative means that you have high ceilings, strive for participation and try to counteract locks. It is also that we as a service-producing company follow the development and are willing to take on new ideas within our business.
– Connecting research, development and service production and collaborating with the outside world are some ways to develop the business. But it must always be done with a balance between old and new – We call it sustainable development.

We draw inspiration from everything that happens and from everyone around us. We help people release their imagination. When it comes down to it, we are always in “pole position”. We will always strive to achieve the highest possible level of knowledge and service and create and follow efficient processes for quality assurance of the services we deliver.

Development or innovation is a process that creates added value. Development and change are part of our daily lives. We have historically shown that we are highly prepared for change and can quickly adapt to new conditions. Our consultants have a recognized high level of technical competence, which they constantly develop in demanding customer assignments, through competence networks and training. Together, we develop our customers’ business and contribute to their success, by ensuring the need for expertise, today and in the future.

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We will nurture and further develop the high-tech and niche-oriented competence we have built up over many years to ensure that our knowledge can benefit new and existing customers.

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Bring2Mind Consulting AB

We Serve All

Reusing assets and leverage processes, methods, tools, documents and templates we already developed for the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry, leads to sustainable high service quality to meet or exceed client expectations whilst remaining economically competitive.

Our total offering fits any Industry, not only within the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry, where we do most of our work today.

We support the private business sector and the public administration sector (Government Authorities) by providing qualified consulting primarily around, and within, Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services. We cover common commercial-, legal- and operational- as well as technical- and administrative- disciplines, within programme-, project-, quality- and configuration management including production of digital and hardcopy material, which entails our customers and end-users to safely manage their technically advanced and complex systems.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB

We work with People and Digital Technologies for a Safer World and a Smarter Society

As our agency face a relentless pace of change and unprecedented level of competitiveness, agility is key to survival. Organizations are looking to Lean portfolio management to align the digital product investment portfolio to business strategy, and to quickly adapt the portfolio when strategy changes. To be successful, we provide transparency, analytics and feedback to various stakeholders at different levels of our processing workflow for optimal decision making. We also have a clear line-of-sight from strategic direction, through investment decision, to the choice of epics and services to be implemented, including the resulting impact on our clients’ business. We drive the continuous improvement process by looking at how our Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) services portfolio management enable Lean portfolio management for enterprise agility.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB, is an entrepreneur driven, supplier independent Knowledge & Consultancy Agency, supporting the private business sector and the public administration sector (Government Authorities) by providing knowledge consulting, management and advisory services, primarily within and around Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services, including supporting services, i.e. programme management, project management, risk assessment, management and control, quality assessment, management and control, configuration management and control, to the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry.

With a positive track record within the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry in providing Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services and seamless integration of products and systems against predefined requirements, Bring2Mind Consulting AB is unique in its understanding of technically advanced and complex systems, and how to apply innovative solutions in a pragmatic and cost effective fashion. Our services are developed and provisioned under the highest quality requirements based upon military standards, targeting the private business sector and the public administration sector (Government Authorities).

We ensure that our clients within the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry have the right equipment and functioning systems and services, at the right time to the right cost, to be able to carry out their mission. This is our contribution to the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and the Swedish Armed Forces (FM) — And we are proud of what we do!

Bring2Mind Consulting AB apply a classic business model, in a direct “One-to-One” relation to its clients and partners. This is where you will find us in the services supply chain. Sometimes we need to sign up specialist agencies for certain projects, to enable us to fulfil client requirements. But most important of all, we always apply our business model, whereas, if required by our clients, we can provide a larger network of system- and business partners.

It is important for Bring2Mind Consulting AB to conduct business in a responsible manner with long-term sustainability. We apply customer-oriented management systems for quality assurance and gather all our deliveries under qualified project management, quality management and configuration management. We provide Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services to the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry, as well as digital communication systems with high ICT content for close real-time communication between customers, partners and employees. In addition to statutory requirements and standards in relevant areas, we define our responsibility in relation to our key stakeholders. In order to ensure long-term value creation, we safeguard, among other things, good working relationships, high confidence from our customers, and responsibility for our environmental impact.

The staff within our Knowledge & Consultancy Agency have since 1985 operational working experience in the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry, at senior and middle management levels, nationally and internationally, within the whole supply chain of products, systems and services.

Almost twenty (20) years of experience within the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry, working with some of Swedens largest, most technically advanced and complex defence system procurement projects for the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and the Swedish Armed Forces (FM), delivering Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services, has been very important for establishment of our Agency. We have supported these procurement projects by providing services over a very long time, and we are pleased to present to you, on our new website, some of our renowned and successful projects within the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry.

We are multifaceted engineers, project managers, system analysts, consultants, advisors, architects, modelling and simulation specialists, and many more – and sometimes just catalysts for the successful achievement of your goals!

All this knowledge and working experience, built up almost during a lifetime, has made us capable to contribute to the development of Swedens total defence, by providing Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services, in a total offering from Bring2Mind Consulting AB.

With almost four decades (40 years) of operational working experience in the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry, at senior and middle management levels, nationally and internationally, within the whole supply chain of products, systems and services, Bring2Mind Consulting AB is well prepared to play the role as systems- and business- partner, capable of providing qualified and innovative Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services, supported by common commercial- and operational- as well as technical- and administrative- disciplines, within programme-, project-, quality- and configuration management, required to help our clients managing technically advanced and complex systems.

We cover all aspects of Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services, during all stages within products-, systems- and solutions provisioning; from initial studies, the needs/requirements assessment work, in the procurement phase, design and development, integration, over production, testing, verification & validation to final implementation, training, delivery and handover to the end-user and finally, the environmentally friendly decommissioning of products-, systems- and solutions for needs-oriented and situation-adapted solutions, with the right quality at the right cost. Our total offering is fully supported by qualified programme management, project management, quality assurance and configuration management.

Typical support services in our defence project assignments, have included close cooperation with Swedish national government authorities as well as international governmental authorities and the defence industry, nationally as well as internationally. Please find some sample service support areas worth mentioning below:

  • Programme management support and administration
  • Project management support and administration
  • Project governance and assessment
  • Requirements management and assessment
  • Risk management and assessment
  • System safety management and assessment
  • Security management and assessment
  • Quality management and assessment
  • Configuration management support and assessment
  • Technical advisor and systems engineering
  • Contractor logistics support (CLS) requirements management and assessment
  • Contractor logistics support (CLS) system definitions for defence material procurement projects, nationally and In-Theatre
  • Procurement requirements management and assessment
  • Procurement management support and administration
  • Procurement documentation design and development for advanced and complex technical systems (Requirement design and development for i.e. Operational Conditions and Constraints, Technical Specifications, System Safety, Security (NATO- and National Information Classification Systems), ILS, Quality, Configuration Management, Documentation and Training Support, Statement of Work, Instructions for Management Plans, DID Requirement Descriptions, Contractor Logistics Support (CLS), Contract Proposals and Supplier Evaluation Criteria etc.)
  • Procurement documentation production and packaging
  • Contract management support and administration
  • International Defence material User Group Secretary and administration support for multiple defence material systems
  • Design of international multilateral/bi-lateral collaboration arrangements and agreements for use within multinational project cooperations
  • International project coordinator for tracked vehicle material systems
  • .....

Our personnel have since 1985 provided Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services to the Information- and Communications Technology Industry and from 2003 onwards to the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry, within the public administration sector (Government Authorities), and to the private business sector.

Through extensive support during all lifecycle stages within the projects we actively participated in, from requirement assessment, in the procurement phase, through the design and development phase, and during integration, testing, verification & validation, implementation, training, delivery, handover and environmentally friendly decommissioning of products and systems, we have delivered continous support to our clients and at the same time further developed our services offering. This concludes our business aims; to increase our customers’ ability and profitability in managing technologically advanced and complex systems.

For us, our agency and what we offer, in terms of Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services provisioning, is about ensuring new and existing customers’ needs for the right skills today and in the future.

Our work with Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services provisioning, in some of our reference projects worth mentioning:

Development-, Deployment- and Management of Information- and Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions and Services

  • Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services applied within ICT Procurement Projects
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of Web Communication platforms with Multisite and Multilingual capabilities
  • Implementation and maintenance of WordPress Multisite Information Network
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Portal
  • Administration of Microsoft SharePoint Information Portal
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of ASP.NET Asset Management System incl. RunTime Delivery Bundling and Optimization
  • Digital Photography and Video

Armoured-, Protected-, Tracked- and Wheeled Vehicle Systems incl. In-Theatre In-Service CLS Support

  • Assessment and proposal of LifeCycle Upgrade (LCU) / Mid Life Upgrade (MLU) for the Bv206/208 Tracked Vehicle System
  • Assessment and proposal of LifeCycle Upgrade (LCU) / Mid Life Upgrade (MLU) for the Bv309 Tracked Vehicle System
  • Procurement of Bv410 Tracked Vehicle System incl. versions and variants
  • Bv410 Fault Detection, Isolation & Recovery Reporting Analysis (BV410 FDI & RRA) incl. alignment of Fault Reporting Data and Systems
  • Procurement of TGSLK 1.5T Light Amphibian Cross-Country 1.5T Trailer
  • Procurement of BvS10 Tracked Vehicle System update incl. ISAF/SWECON Mission Adaption
  • Administration and Secretary of the BvS10 User Group
  • Administration and Secretary of the Swedish Armed Forces (FM) Tracked Vehicles User Group

Procurement- and Provisioning of Technical System Support (TSS) and Maintenance Services

  • Procurement of ISS-ATV-ISAF In-Service Support BvS10 for ISAF/SWECON (ISS)
  • Procurement of TSS 2019-2025 Technical System Support and Maintenance for the Swedish Armed Forces (FM) 2019-2025 (TSS)

CBRNe Detection-, Identification-, Monitoring-, Surveillance-, Warning-, Reporting- and Protection Systems

  • Procurement of CBRN-I: CBRNe Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • Procurement of CBRN-I-MMS: CBRNe Management- and Monitoring System
  • Procurement of CBRN-AL: Deployable CBRNe Analytical Laboratory
  • Design and procurement of CBRN-AWR: Automatic CBRNe Warning- and Reporting System

As a Knowledge & Consultancy Agency, our business is all about thorough understanding and knowledge of your industry, resulting in a comprehensive Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services offering, that is unique for our clients. We can help you create value in a number of different ways. To guide you through our broad range of services to the portfolio that’s right for, and aligned to your project, we may suggest multiple value creation pathways, to mention a few;

1. Competitive Services,
2. Programme- and Project Management Support,
3. Procurement Management Support,
4. Contract Management- and Administration Support,
5. In-Service Support,
6. Business Development for sustainable Growth,
7. Secure and Safe Society.

This concludes our business aims; to increase our clients’ ability and profitability in managing technically advanced products and complex systems in a safe manner.

For Bring2Mind Consulting AB, business oriented competence and knowledge provisioning is always about ensuring new and existing clients’ needs for the right skills today and in the future.