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Data makes digital services more helpful and relevant, but how we use this information is an individual choice that belongs to you. We keep you informed about what data we collect, how it’s used, and why. And we build powerful data controls into our website, and you can choose the privacy settings that are right for you.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB, together with all of its affiliates and partners, is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who visit the Company’s web sites, individuals who register to use our services, and individuals who register to attend the Company’s corporate events.

Important information

– Bring2Mind Consulting AB:s full Privacy Policy contains more information about the Company’s privacy practices.
– Bring2Mind Consulting AB has aligned its online services and information gathering against GDPR. Please read more about our full Privacy Policy.
– Bring2Mind Consulting AB operates in highly secure computing environments in its corporate office, in the development environments, and in the production cloud. Bring2Mind Consulting AB audits its security solutions and processes annually to maintain the highest security.

Making it easy to understand what data we use and why — When you use our services, you trust us with your data. It’s our responsibility to be transparent about the data we collect, and how we use it in making our services work better for you.

You’re in control — We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to privacy, so we built in powerful, easy-to-use privacy tools into our website network. They give you control over the privacy settings that are right for you, and what types of data we collect and use across our services.

We do not sell your personal information to anyone — We use data to serve you relevant ads in our products, on partner websites, and in mobile apps. While these ads help fund our services and make them free for everyone, your personal information is not for sale. And we also provide you powerful ad settings so you can better control what ads you see.

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We at Bring2Mind Consulting AB are committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that means you can quickly, easily and securely access information that we make available over the Internet.

You can use most of our web service without providing any information about yourself. Sometimes, however, we need information to be able to provide the services you expect, and our Privacy & Security policy explain how data is collected and used in such situations. More information can be found in the complete privacy document for our web service. By using our web service, you accept the data processing principles described on our web pages published under Privacy & Security.

You will always be asked when we need information that identifies you personally (personal information) or that allows us to contact you.

In general, personal information is requested when you register yourself as a user of our web service, want to participate in a contest, when you order e-mail newsletters, sign up for premium services with limited access or when you buy and register products. The personal information collected by our web service is often limited to e-mail address, language, country or location, but other information may also be required in order for us to provide a requested service.

If you have registered as a user of our web service and want to review or update your profile, you only need to log in to the system with your username and password, and then visit the Profile Center where you can change your personal information. You will then be asked to provide your login information (email address and password) so that only you can access and change your profile.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB is very restrictive in the processing of personal data to protect your personal privacy. The personal data provided to any company within the competence network is processed in accordance with the rules of the Personal Data Act (1998: 204).


The user refers to the person who is registered with Bring2Mind Consulting AB and via a username and password gets access to on-line services provided by Bring2Mind Consulting AB.


Users can join Bring2Mind Consulting AB by registering on Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s website on the Internet, hereinafter referred to as the website. For connection, the user provides correct information and accepts our user agreement. The user is considered to have accepted the terms when the connection is registered.

User commitments

The user’s responsibility for personal data — According to the Personal Data Act (1998: 204), no processing of personal data may take place without the person’s consent. By accepting the user agreement, the user gives his consent for Bring2Mind Consulting AB to store and process the information provided by the user. The user is responsible for ensuring that the information provided in connection with the use of the service is correct.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s matching service is based on a CV database where information about consultants and projects is stored and matched. In order to provide the service, Bring2Mind Consulting AB reserves the right to transfer and store personal data to third countries (countries outside the EU and the EEA). Processing of personal data over the Internet also means that the data can be made available anywhere in the world. By accepting these terms, the user gives his consent for Bring2Mind Consulting AB to transfer, store and process the user’s personal data to third countries. By accepting these terms, the user further gives his consent for Bring2Mind Consulting AB to transfer and process the user’s personal data over the Internet.

Responsibility for information — The user undertakes not in any respect to communicate or publish such material that constitutes an infringement of another’s rights, is contrary to law, constitution, official instructions, use, custom or risks causing annoyance or may cause harm or other inconvenience to Bring2Mind Consulting AB or third parties . The latter means that the material may not contain elements of incitement against ethnic groups, pornography or violence and the material may not in any respect contain anything that may constitute a criminal act.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB reserves the right but not the obligation to review the user’s use of the website and also the information and material stored on the website through the user’s use. Bring2Mind Consulting AB also has the right to remove the information or material that is contrary to the provisions of these terms or if Bring2Mind Consulting AB in Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s opinion is obliged to do so in accordance with current legislation.

Responsibility for username and password — In the event of misuse of username and password, users must immediately notify Bring2Mind Consulting AB. The user is responsible for ensuring that all user identities and passwords are handled in a secure manner so that unauthorized persons cannot access them or use them. The user is responsible for any use of the service until the user requests that Bring2Mind Consulting AB shall block access to it. The user is responsible for all traffic under his username. The user must report the blocking of the username and password via e-mail.

Collection and handling of personal data

The personal information is normally collected directly from you who are a customer, but can also be collected from another company within the competence network or from your employer, for example. In order to keep our registers up to date, we also supplement our personal data on an ongoing basis from private and public registers. Bring2Mind Consulting AB can also record or otherwise document your digital communication with us.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB collects information about you as a customer, but also about stakeholders directly involved in our business relationship. This is information such as name and address information, social security number and in some cases also information about the profession and role within your organization.

Typical information collected:
– Bring2Mind Consulting AB may collect, process, and retain information about you when you visit our websites or use our products or services.
– If you choose to participate in the Bring2Mind Consulting AB Community, you may choose to provide us with additional information such as a photo, social media profiles, areas of expertise, and other information. We may combine other publicly available information related to the organization from which you work for with the information that you provide to us.
– Bring2Mind Consulting AB and our service providers may observe your activities, interactions, preferences, transactional information, and other computer and connection information (such as IP address) relating to your use of our websites and our products or services. This may be on a personal (with your consent) or non-personal basis.
– We may also use log files, cookies and similar technologies to collect information about the pages you view, links you click on, and other actions you may take when accessing our websites, products, services, or emails.

The personal data may be used within the competence network to provide an overall picture of you as a customer, to be able to provide a good service with the right quality, but also for marketing, statistics, market and customer analyzes. The personal data is also used for Bring2Mind Consulting AB to be able to fulfill legal obligations and fulfill agreements and measures that have been requested before or after an agreement has been reached. The personal information is used so that Bring2Mind Consulting AB can meet the requirements placed on the business.

The personal information is primarily used within Bring2Mind Consulting AB but can be disclosed to other companies, associations, organizations with which the company cooperates, within and outside the EU and EEA area, and to authorities if we are required to do so by law. Information on criminal and other criminal activities may be disclosed to the relevant authorities. Information about information covered by our business relationship can also be disclosed to relevant people within your company upon request. Bring2Mind Consulting AB can archive and process communication documents and other information regardless of whether our business relationship is still current or not. Your personal information is not stored for longer than necessary.

Once a year, you have the right to be informed free of charge of what personal information we have about you, after a written application. You can of course ask for incorrect personal information to be corrected. You can also request in writing that your personal information is not used for direct marketing. You then send your application to Bring2Mind Consulting AB.

The person responsible for personal data is, in addition to the companies within the competence network to which you provide your personal data, Bring2Mind Consulting AB, 556704-0810, based in Järfälla, Stockholm.

Personal information that you provide to Bring2Mind Consulting AB is used partly to make it easier for us to identify what information you are looking for with us and if the law for one reason or another requires us to disclose information to authorities and the judiciary.

How to use your personal information

We use your personal information for four main purposes:

– make the web service easier to use by you only having to enter the information once
– help you quickly find products, services and information in our web service
– help us create content that is important to you
– inform you about product upgrades, special offers, updated information and other new services from us. The information collected via our web service may be available within Bring2Mind Consulting AB, including wholly owned subsidiaries and partners. In addition, we sometimes hire other companies that provide certain services, for example for packaging, promotion and delivery of purchases, to answer customers’ questions about products or services, send regular letters and handle event registration. These companies only have access to the information they need to perform the service, and they may not use it for other purposes. We regulate these terms through formal agreements.

To support and protect our users of our web services we also use the collected data in order to:
– Provide you with the websites and any support you may request;
– Respond to your inquiries or fulfill your requests;
– Diagnose website technical problems;
– Send you information that we believe may be of interest to you, such as product announcements, newsletters, educational materials, and upcoming events;
– Send you administrative information such as notices related to product, service, or policy changes;
– Understand how our websites, products, and services are being used;
– Personalize your experience on our websites and present products or features that are tailored to your interests; and
– Prevent, detect, mitigate, and investigate fraudulent or illegal activity.

We will disclose your personal information (without prior notice) if required by law or if we are convinced that such action is required to:

(a) obey laws or lawsuits filed against our company or our web service;
(b) protect and defend the interests of our company and the rights or property of its web services; and,
(c) act in emergency situations to protect the personal safety of our users, our web services or the public.

Once you have become a registered user of our web service or otherwise provided personal information, our web service will not make this information available to third parties without your consent, except in the exceptional cases already described. It is used only for the purposes described on the website information use.

The registration also means that you can tell us if you want our web service to contact you, and if so, in what way. If you are a registered user of our web service, you can go to the Profile Center and make the appropriate settings in the sections for Communication settings. There you can decide what information you want, and how you want to get it. You can also indicate that you do not want us to contact you.

We occasionally send e-mails with information and offers about our products and services to our registered customers. If you do not want these offers, go to the Communication Settings section of the Profile Center and uncheck the option “In addition to the subscriptions I have selected, I want you to select and send newsletters about products and services that are relevant to me”.

Our web service can sometimes also send out e-mails with information about technical services that relate to a product or service that you have requested from us. You can not choose to forgo these mailings because they are considered an important part of the service you have chosen.

Information Retention:
– We will retain your information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services. If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you services, please refer to the Contact Us section below.
– We will respond to your request within a reasonable time.
– We may need to retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

We give you the opportunity to ensure that your personal information is correct and current. You can review and update the information at any time in the Profile Center. As a logged in user, you can click on your profile name at the top of the page to get to the profile center.

You can:

– review and edit the personal information you have already provided
– indicate if you want our site to send you marketing information
– choose whether other companies may send offers by letter
– subscribe to, or cancel subscriptions to, newsletters about our services and products.

Our web service protects your personal information and follows your wishes about how you want it to be used. We carefully protect your information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or publication, alteration or destruction.

Your personal information never leaves Bring2Mind Consulting AB without your permission, except in the exceptional cases described on the website information use. Within Bring2Mind Consulting AB, the information is stored on password-protected servers with secure and limited access. Your information can be stored and processed in Sweden or in other countries where our company, our subsidiaries, partners or representatives are located, and by using our web service, you agree that the information for this purpose is taken out of the country.

You yourself also play an important role in protecting your data. No one can see or edit your personal information without knowing your login details, so do not disclose them to anyone.

Our web service uses cookies to collect aggregated visitor statistics in order to ensure that we really publish the content that our customers need and want. We do not track how individuals use the web service.

According to the Electronic Communications Act, which entered into force on 25 July 2003, everyone who visits a web service with cookies must receive information about:

– that the web service uses cookies
– what these cookies are used for
– how cookies can be avoided

When a person visits the web service, a cookie is stored in the user’s computer (if the user agrees to receive cookies) or read if the user has previously visited the web service.

Web signals, also called action tags, are used to deliver the cookie. This technology informs us about how many visitors have clicked on the key elements (such as links or images) on a web page within our web service. We do not use this technology to access your personal information in our web service, but cookies are a tool used to compile summarized statistics about the use of the web service. The tracking information never leaves Bring2Mind Consulting AB, and we do not allow other companies to place action marks on web pages in our web services.

We also use cookies in connection with you using your user account in our web service as described above.

If you set your browser so that it does not accept cookies from our web service, you can read the text on the screens, but your visit is not adapted to your interests, nor can you subscribe to the offers of services available from our web services.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB receives ongoing inquiries about external stakeholders who wish to link to the company’s website and portals. A basic instruction has therefore been prepared which applies to linking to Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s website and portals.

If you link to Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s website, please respect the following:

– Bring2Mind Consulting AB cares about which companies and websites link to Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s website, since Bring2Mind Consulting AB can be associated with the content on the website where the link is located through linking.
– Do not use Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s logo to link to Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s website. This is to avoid doubt about who is responsible for the information on the website where the link is located. Enter the link to Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s website in a neutral way.
– Use only a so-called hypertext link, ie when the user clicks on the link, he or she is transferred to Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s web server.
– Do not use so-called frame linking, ie do not link so that Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s website is placed within the framework of another website.
– Do not use so-called inline linking, ie do not link so that information is automatically retrieved from Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s website and placed on another website.

Link statistics are an essential part of our analysis of the use of our website and our portals. It shows very clearly who and which IP addresses have linked to our website or to our portals. In the event of improper linking, we pass on such information in full to a lawyer.

Therefore, always contact info@bring2mind.se if in doubt.

Recently, we have noticed an increase in the number of emails sent over the internet. More and more of us users are doubtful about the authenticity of emails we receive. Every day, our systems block spam and other unwanted email traffic in the effort to protect you from spam and email scams. Therefore, we who work with security development within Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s website and Bring2Mind Consulting AB Live Collaboration have published a list of the five easiest ways you can protect yourself against this monkey.

You should act as follows if you receive a suspicious email. In this way, you can help make your inbox more secure for yourself and for everyone else who uses Bring2Mind Consulting AB‘s website or Bring2Mind Consulting AB Live Collaboration.

1. Be careful with emails where you are asked to provide personal information.

An email in which you are asked to provide the name, social security number, username and password of your email account, or any other type of personal information, is most certainly an attempted fraud. No matter who the message seems to come from.

Even if you think the message is genuine, you should not reply to it or click on any links in it. Instead, copy the link and paste it into your browser or contact the company’s customer service to verify the authenticity of the message.

2. Read suspicious emails carefully.

Emails with faulty grammar, misspellings or phrases such as “this is not a joke” or “forward this message to your friends” are usually fraudulent messages. Sometimes company names or brands are misspelled or incorrect, such as Bring2Mind Collaboration (instead of Bring2Mind Consulting AB – Live Collaboration).

3. Protect your password.

Create a strong password for your Bring2Mind Consulting AB account by using more than 7 characters and a mixture of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters, such as @ or #. You should also change your password regularly.

If you receive a message from our customer service confirming your request to change your password, and you have not recently changed your password, it is a sign that someone is trying to access your user account. Then you should change your password immediately! You can do this by going to http://www.bring2mind.se or by logging in and clicking on your login name at the top of the page and then on “Manage password”. To change your password, you must have access to your current password. You enter your current password, the new password and confirm the new password, then click “Change Password”. The system updates your account with the new password and logs you out / logs in again with the new password.

4. Act before anyone else does!

If you think that someone has used your Bring2Mind Consulting AB account, thinks that the login pages for the Bring2Mind Consulting AB portals look fake or receive a suspicious email about a password change that you have not requested, you should immediately change your password according to the instructions above.

5. Help us discover new attempted frauds.

You can help us fight phishing, spam and fraud attempts by reporting the message to us. Forward such spam to legal@bring2mind.se. Remember not to respond to suspicious messages under any circumstances.

Feel free to save this web page by printing it out so you know how to act if you receive a suspicious email. In this way, you can help make your inbox more secure for yourself and for everyone else who uses Bring2Mind’s website or Bring2Mind Live Collaboration.

And finally, always contact info@bring2mind.se if in doubt.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB

We Serve All

Reusing assets and leverage processes, methods, tools, documents and templates we already developed for the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry, leads to sustainable high service quality to meet or exceed client expectations whilst remaining economically competitive.

Our total offering fits any Industry, not only within the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry, where we do most of our work today.

We support the private business sector and the public administration sector (Government Authorities) by providing qualified consulting primarily around, and within, Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services. We cover common commercial-, legal- and operational- as well as technical- and administrative- disciplines, within programme-, project-, quality- and configuration management including production of digital and hardcopy material, which entails our customers and end-users to safely manage their technically advanced and complex systems.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB

We work with People and Digital Technologies for a Safer World and a Smarter Society

As our agency face a relentless pace of change and unprecedented level of competitiveness, agility is key to survival. Organizations are looking to Lean portfolio management to align the digital product investment portfolio to business strategy, and to quickly adapt the portfolio when strategy changes. To be successful, we provide transparency, analytics and feedback to various stakeholders at different levels of our processing workflow for optimal decision making. We also have a clear line-of-sight from strategic direction, through investment decision, to the choice of epics and services to be implemented, including the resulting impact on our clients’ business. We drive the continuous improvement process by looking at how our Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) services portfolio management enable Lean portfolio management for enterprise agility.

Bring2Mind Consulting AB, is an entrepreneur driven, supplier independent Knowledge & Consultancy Agency, supporting the private business sector and the public administration sector (Government Authorities) by providing knowledge consulting, management and advisory services, primarily within and around Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services, including supporting services, i.e. programme management, project management, risk assessment, management and control, quality assessment, management and control, configuration management and control, to the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry.

With a positive track record within the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry in providing Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services and seamless integration of products and systems against predefined requirements, Bring2Mind Consulting AB is unique in its understanding of technically advanced and complex systems, and how to apply innovative solutions in a pragmatic and cost effective fashion. Our services are developed and provisioned under the highest quality requirements based upon military standards, targeting the private business sector and the public administration sector (Government Authorities).

We ensure that our clients within the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry have the right equipment and functioning systems and services, at the right time to the right cost, to be able to carry out their mission. This is our contribution to the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and the Swedish Armed Forces (FM) — And we are proud of what we do!

Bring2Mind Consulting AB apply a classic business model, in a direct “One-to-One” relation to its clients and partners. This is where you will find us in the services supply chain. Sometimes we need to sign up specialist agencies for certain projects, to enable us to fulfil client requirements. But most important of all, we always apply our business model, whereas, if required by our clients, we can provide a larger network of system- and business partners.

It is important for Bring2Mind Consulting AB to conduct business in a responsible manner with long-term sustainability. We apply customer-oriented management systems for quality assurance and gather all our deliveries under qualified project management, quality management and configuration management. We provide Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services to the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry, as well as digital communication systems with high ICT content for close real-time communication between customers, partners and employees. In addition to statutory requirements and standards in relevant areas, we define our responsibility in relation to our key stakeholders. In order to ensure long-term value creation, we safeguard, among other things, good working relationships, high confidence from our customers, and responsibility for our environmental impact.

The staff within our Knowledge & Consultancy Agency have since 1985 operational working experience in the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry, at senior and middle management levels, nationally and internationally, within the whole supply chain of products, systems and services.

Almost twenty (20) years of experience within the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry, working with some of Swedens largest, most technically advanced and complex defence system procurement projects for the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and the Swedish Armed Forces (FM), delivering Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services, has been very important for establishment of our Agency. We have supported these procurement projects by providing services over a very long time, and we are pleased to present to you, on our new website, some of our renowned and successful projects within the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry.

We are multifaceted engineers, project managers, system analysts, consultants, advisors, architects, modelling and simulation specialists, and many more – and sometimes just catalysts for the successful achievement of your goals!

All this knowledge and working experience, built up almost during a lifetime, has made us capable to contribute to the development of Swedens total defence, by providing Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services, in a total offering from Bring2Mind Consulting AB.

With almost four decades (40 years) of operational working experience in the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry and the Information- and Communications Technology Industry, at senior and middle management levels, nationally and internationally, within the whole supply chain of products, systems and services, Bring2Mind Consulting AB is well prepared to play the role as systems- and business- partner, capable of providing qualified and innovative Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services, supported by common commercial- and operational- as well as technical- and administrative- disciplines, within programme-, project-, quality- and configuration management, required to help our clients managing technically advanced and complex systems.

We cover all aspects of Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services, during all stages within products-, systems- and solutions provisioning; from initial studies, the needs/requirements assessment work, in the procurement phase, design and development, integration, over production, testing, verification & validation to final implementation, training, delivery and handover to the end-user and finally, the environmentally friendly decommissioning of products-, systems- and solutions for needs-oriented and situation-adapted solutions, with the right quality at the right cost. Our total offering is fully supported by qualified programme management, project management, quality assurance and configuration management.

Typical support services in our defence project assignments, have included close cooperation with Swedish national government authorities as well as international governmental authorities and the defence industry, nationally as well as internationally. Please find some sample service support areas worth mentioning below:

  • Programme management support and administration
  • Project management support and administration
  • Project governance and assessment
  • Requirements management and assessment
  • Risk management and assessment
  • System safety management and assessment
  • Security management and assessment
  • Quality management and assessment
  • Configuration management support and assessment
  • Technical advisor and systems engineering
  • Contractor logistics support (CLS) requirements management and assessment
  • Contractor logistics support (CLS) system definitions for defence material procurement projects, nationally and In-Theatre
  • Procurement requirements management and assessment
  • Procurement management support and administration
  • Procurement documentation design and development for advanced and complex technical systems (Requirement design and development for i.e. Operational Conditions and Constraints, Technical Specifications, System Safety, Security (NATO- and National Information Classification Systems), ILS, Quality, Configuration Management, Documentation and Training Support, Statement of Work, Instructions for Management Plans, DID Requirement Descriptions, Contractor Logistics Support (CLS), Contract Proposals and Supplier Evaluation Criteria etc.)
  • Procurement documentation production and packaging
  • Contract management support and administration
  • International Defence material User Group Secretary and administration support for multiple defence material systems
  • Design of international multilateral/bi-lateral collaboration arrangements and agreements for use within multinational project cooperations
  • International project coordinator for tracked vehicle material systems
  • .....

Our personnel have since 1985 provided Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services to the Information- and Communications Technology Industry and from 2003 onwards to the Aerospace-, Defence- and Security Industry, within the public administration sector (Government Authorities), and to the private business sector.

Through extensive support during all lifecycle stages within the projects we actively participated in, from requirement assessment, in the procurement phase, through the design and development phase, and during integration, testing, verification & validation, implementation, training, delivery, handover and environmentally friendly decommissioning of products and systems, we have delivered continous support to our clients and at the same time further developed our services offering. This concludes our business aims; to increase our customers’ ability and profitability in managing technologically advanced and complex systems.

For us, our agency and what we offer, in terms of Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services provisioning, is about ensuring new and existing customers’ needs for the right skills today and in the future.

Our work with Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services provisioning, in some of our reference projects worth mentioning:

Development-, Deployment- and Management of Information- and Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions and Services

  • Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services applied within ICT Procurement Projects
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of Web Communication platforms with Multisite and Multilingual capabilities
  • Implementation and maintenance of WordPress Multisite Information Network
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Portal
  • Administration of Microsoft SharePoint Information Portal
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of ASP.NET Asset Management System incl. RunTime Delivery Bundling and Optimization
  • Digital Photography and Video

Armoured-, Protected-, Tracked- and Wheeled Vehicle Systems incl. In-Theatre In-Service CLS Support

  • Assessment and proposal of LifeCycle Upgrade (LCU) / Mid Life Upgrade (MLU) for the Bv206/208 Tracked Vehicle System
  • Assessment and proposal of LifeCycle Upgrade (LCU) / Mid Life Upgrade (MLU) for the Bv309 Tracked Vehicle System
  • Procurement of Bv410 Tracked Vehicle System incl. versions and variants
  • Bv410 Fault Detection, Isolation & Recovery Reporting Analysis (BV410 FDI & RRA) incl. alignment of Fault Reporting Data and Systems
  • Procurement of TGSLK 1.5T Light Amphibian Cross-Country 1.5T Trailer
  • Procurement of BvS10 Tracked Vehicle System update incl. ISAF/SWECON Mission Adaption
  • Administration and Secretary of the BvS10 User Group
  • Administration and Secretary of the Swedish Armed Forces (FM) Tracked Vehicles User Group

Procurement- and Provisioning of Technical System Support (TSS) and Maintenance Services

  • Procurement of ISS-ATV-ISAF In-Service Support BvS10 for ISAF/SWECON (ISS)
  • Procurement of TSS 2019-2025 Technical System Support and Maintenance for the Swedish Armed Forces (FM) 2019-2025 (TSS)

CBRNe Detection-, Identification-, Monitoring-, Surveillance-, Warning-, Reporting- and Protection Systems

  • Procurement of CBRN-I: CBRNe Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • Procurement of CBRN-I-MMS: CBRNe Management- and Monitoring System
  • Procurement of CBRN-AL: Deployable CBRNe Analytical Laboratory
  • Design and procurement of CBRN-AWR: Automatic CBRNe Warning- and Reporting System

As a Knowledge & Consultancy Agency, our business is all about thorough understanding and knowledge of your industry, resulting in a comprehensive Systems LifeCycle Management (SLCM) Services offering, that is unique for our clients. We can help you create value in a number of different ways. To guide you through our broad range of services to the portfolio that’s right for, and aligned to your project, we may suggest multiple value creation pathways, to mention a few;

1. Competitive Services,
2. Programme- and Project Management Support,
3. Procurement Management Support,
4. Contract Management- and Administration Support,
5. In-Service Support,
6. Business Development for sustainable Growth,
7. Secure and Safe Society.

This concludes our business aims; to increase our clients’ ability and profitability in managing technically advanced products and complex systems in a safe manner.

For Bring2Mind Consulting AB, business oriented competence and knowledge provisioning is always about ensuring new and existing clients’ needs for the right skills today and in the future.